Commissioners: Yes on Question 3


To the Editor:
On behalf of the undersigned county commissioners, we are asking you to vote yes on Question 3, which would change our county treasurer position from elected to appointed. We strongly believe this will lead to a more transparent selection process, allow for the most qualified individual to hold this critical job, and enable Dukes County to better serve its citizens. Here is a recap of why you should support Question 3:

  • There has not been a contested race for county treasurer in 30 years, meaning voters haven’t actually been given a choice in their treasurer since 1990.
  • This change was recommended by the Department of Revenue in its 2010 Financial Management Audit of Dukes County.
  • Allowing the county commission to appoint a treasurer would facilitate a formal selection and vetting process, as well as an expanded candidate pool beyond those who are well-known and prepared to run for office.
  • An appointed treasurer would be subject to standard performance reviews, but would only be able to be removed for cause (misconduct, malfeasance, or neglect of duties).
  • Should this question pass, it will not be in effect until the treasurer duly elected in the upcoming election is done serving her term (January 2027), or sooner if she vacates her office.

For the above reasons, we encourage you to vote yes on Question 3.


Keith Chatinover
Tristan Israel
Christine Todd
John Cahill