Edgartown: Halloween at the Carnegie

— Shelby Regan

The days are still providing wonderful opportunities for walks on the beach or working outside but the nights sure are getting chilly. I’ve turned my heat on twice. I used to have a rule of no heat until Nov. 1, but last year I wondered why I was torturing myself. So if I’m cold, I turn it on. It’s a catch-22 this time of year. The days are warm enough to have the windows open still for the fresh air but then about six o’clock I start running around closing them because I’m cold. Soon enough I suppose I won’t be opening the windows and the heat will be on all the time and it will be dark by dinner time. I’m trying to soak up all of the outside and sunshine that I can. Winter and I, we don’t get along so well.

So the election is underway and I was reminded by a reader that I should share some voting information for Edgartown. I agreed. I’ve been so focused on Nov. 3rd, I didn’t think about early voting. So here is the scoop. If you have a mail-in ballot, you can mail it but it’s getting a little late to guarantee delivery by Nov. 3. But you can drop it off in the drop boxes at the town hall. There is one inside the lobby and outside the front door for your convenience. Early voting in person has already started and has been popular. Early voting hours run from last Saturday until Oct. 30. The hours are 8 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday, 2 pm until 4 pm on Saturday, and 10 am until noon on Sunday at the town hall. And don’t forget, if you are using a mail-in ballot, write your physical address on the ballot. Post Office boxes will nullify your ballot.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Savannah Trudelle and Rick Mello on Oct. 17, Gwyneth Wallace on Oct. 20, Mary Morano on Oct. 21, and Stacy Wallace on Oct. 22, and to my amazing cousin, Jennifer Corwin VanGelder, on Oct. 26.

Just a reminder that fourth graders will be starting back to school next Tuesday, Oct. 27, four days a week, and grades 5 through 8 will return to in-person learning one day a week on Friday, Oct. 30. Your patience during drop-off and pick-up times is greatly appreciated. Every time we add a new cohort of kids, drop off and pickup get a little more complicated. As it stands now, kindergarten and first grade get dropped at the front of the school and grades 2 to 4 will get dropped off and picked up in the small parking lot where the buses used to be. If you have kids in both age groups, all of your kids should get picked up in the front for the safety of our youngest kids. Please check the school website for any changes or updates to the plan while we perfect it.

Last week I mentioned that I would research a bit more into why the All-Island School Committee decided not to pursue the in-school COVID-19 testing program that Dr. Zack has been working on over the last  few months. While they have taken a pass on that particular program, they have stated their intent to look into other testing options. If you’d like to be part of the discussion, the AISC meets via Zoom on Thursdays at 5 pm. The link to this meeting and pretty much any other public school-related meetings can be found on the Edgartown School website calendar page.

The Carnegie is offering up Happy Halloween Hauntings on Sunday, Oct. 25, from 12 to 4 pm. ”Tiptoe your way to the Carnegie and join us for creepy music, jack-o-lanterns, a spooky story walk, and tricks or treats. See you there… if you dare. This event is free, open to the public, and friendly to all ages.”

Also happening at the Carnegie, on Oct. 31, from 3 to 4 pm, Thomas Dresser will be discussing haunted happenings from all six Island towns, as well as tales of pirates, murder, and the afterlife in a free reading of his 13th publication, “Ghosts of Martha’s Vineyard.” This event is free of charge, but space is limited. Contact melissa@mvpreservation.org to reserve your seat.

That’s all folks. Enjoy this beautiful fall. It seems like we flip-flop between high winds and rains and beautiful sunshine with no in between. But that’s life in New England. And the year 2020. Be kind. Be patient. Breathe in. Breathe out. And find some joy in every day. Be well my friends.

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