Marijuana shop proposed at the Triangle

Company that sought Tisbury license interested in Edgartown facility.

Main Street Medicinals LLC is proposing a retail marijuana outlet on undeveloped land at 20 Beach Road in Edgartown. - Lucas Thors


The Triangle in Edgartown could be the future home of a recreational marijuana shop.

Main Street Medicinals, which has been in talks with Tisbury on a shop there, has sent a proposal to Edgartown seeking to enter into talks for a host community agreement for a  marijuana shop to be located at 20 Beach Road. The proposal is on Monday’s board of selectmen agenda for an informal meeting to discuss the idea.

According to an email sent to the town by Joshua Silver, a principal with Silver Therapeutics Inc., the property would be managed by Noah Eisendrath, a seasonal Island resident who was also the proposed manager for the Tisbury shop. As The Times has previously reported, Eisendrath, the owner and operator of two Boston restaurants and bars, has had several liquor license infractions involving minors being served. He has said that won’t be an issue in this case because of how tightly the marijuana industry is regulated.

In his letter to the town, Silver indicates that Silver Therapeutics is acting as a consultant during the licensing process. Silver Therapeutics is the licensed operator of a retail marijuana outlet in Williamstown and has a provisional license for a cultivation and processing facility in Orange.

A call to Joshua Silver’s cell phone was abruptly disconnected. He did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

In his letter, Silver indicates the retail marijuana facility will be on .41 acres of undeveloped land in the strip mall that includes Trader Fred’s, Your Market, and Wolf’s Den Pizza.

The proposal appears to be hastily thrown together with typos in the following paragraph with school mentioned twice and the Town of Tisbury bylaws referenced, even though the proposal is in Edgartown. “The building is not located within 500 feet of an existing school K-12 school or other proposed marijuana retailer,” Silver wrote. “The proposed marijuana use of the property is otherwise consistent with the Tisbury zoning bylaws.”

In April the select board authorized Grande to sign a host community agreement with Main Street Medicinals at a meeting that was overshadowed by the cancellation of Beach Road Weekend, but it’s unclear if that ever happened.

Town administrator Jay Grande told The Times he did sign that agreement and the next step would have been for them to apply for a special permit through the planning board. That never happened.

After The Times reported about the Edgartown proposal, Grande said he spoke to Silver by phone. Silver told him the company still plans to pursue the Tisbury location and will file for a special permit from the planning board within 30 days, Grande said.

Tisbury has approved a host community agreement with Patient Centric for a Mechanic’s Street outlet. The Main Street Medicinal proposal was for the same street in Tisbury.

If all of the proposals get final approval and licensing there would be four retail outlets on Island to get recreational marijuana.

Silver’s letter outlines next steps for the proposal in Edgartown, which includes a formal application for a host community agreement and a community outreach meeting, both requirements of the state licensing process.

Patient Centric is the furthest along in the process. “I’ve gotten all of my provisional approvals from the state for everything in West Tisbury and Tisbury,” Rose told The Times Thursday. “The only local piece remaining is the ZBA approval of the special permit that the commission voted unanimously to approve. That public hearing is this evening in West Tisbury.”

Once the special permit is approved, Rose said he expects to get going and be up and running to serve medical marijuana customers by early December.

Updated to include information from Jay Grande.