Climate Solutions: We need to switch to electricity for ALL our building energy needs

— Courtesy Sunpower for South Mountain Company

Currently, one-third of our buildings are heated with oil, and two-thirds with propane. All our buildings use electricity.

How does that fuel and electricity get here?

Our propane and oil come over on the boats or on Packer’s barges.

We have four underwater cables that bring our electricity from Falmouth and diesel generators to support summer peak usage. Eversource proposes to install a large battery bank for increased resilience. As we convert to heat pumps and summer temperatures increase, we will need a fifth cable — and more — unless we generate more electricity on-Island.

Currently 7 percent of our electricity comes from on-Island solar arrays. We need to substantially increase that percentage. We need you to do solar at your property. It will provide you with clean power now and if batteries are installed, resilience in prolonged power failures.

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort. Visit