Aquinnah: Bakery orders for Thanksgiving

— Kyra Steck

This column feels a little outdated or behind the times this week, as I am writing this on Monday and Tuesday is Election Day. By the time this comes out, who knows what will be happening? We may have a new president — or we may not. There could be widespread violence or calm throughout the land. I don’t know at this moment. I do know that right now I am very anxious about the election (along with the uptick of COVID-19 cases on-Island). If the incumbent loses, I fear that he will not concede and that his supporters will unleash violence in some areas. If he wins, I fear what the next four years will mean for our planet and humanity. I have no neat bow to tie this paragraph up in, just sharing my election anxiety with you. Thanks for listening.

Thank you to Jamie Vanderhoop for organizing Halloween Trick-or-Treat COVID-Style this past weekend. Many generous individuals and families set up tables outside their homes with pre-bagged treats in them for little ninjas and super-heroes to take. There were no hands going in and out of the same bowl digging for candy, and people waved to the trick-or-treaters from their porches or behind their living room windows so there was no contact. Trick-or-treaters waited their turn if two families showed up at the same place at the same time. It felt very safe and it was a lot of fun. People were very generous with what they put in the bags; my house is literally filled with candy right now.

Here’s a current list of what is open for food and retail up-Island: some shops at the Cliffs, including Stony Creek Gifts, are open weekends through Thanksgiving, weather permitting. The Orange Peel Bakery Café at the Cliffs is closed, but the bakery itself is open daily for baked goods and essential groceries. Juli is hoping to have some to-go soups and sandwiches available at the bakery by the end of the week. She will have plenty of pie for Thanksgiving and you can place an order now at 508-645-2025. The Chilmark Tavern is open Thursday through Monday for takeout only. They are offering a special Thanksgiving menu if you don’t feel like cooking. You must order for Thanksgiving by Nov. 16 by going to or call 508-645-9400. Of course, the Menemsha Texaco is open, as well as the Menemsha Fish Market.

Pathways ARTS is gearing up for their fall season. Currently their content and group happenings are all online, and this will probably continue for the foreseeable future. Tuesday is still Writing and Poetry Night, with weekly readings on zoom, from 7 to 9 pm. They are posting other content throughout the week, and they will have more events through the fall and winter. Go to for content and information, or call them at 508-645-9098, or email

Scorpio season continues this week with Liz Witham celebrating on Nov. 5, Frank Perez on Nov. 8, and our town clerk, Gabbi Camilleri, on Nov. 9. Happy Birthday everyone.

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