Do your part 


To the Editor:

I totally agree with the Climate Solutions message in the Oct. 29 Times, that “we need to switch to electricity for ALL our building energy needs.” (And while we’re at it, as many of our vehicles as possible.) 

When we bought our Tisbury home in 1966 (an unheated summer place with no basement), there was no way we could put in an oil burner. Only electricity was possible. We’d been heat­ing a big old house in N.J., so we didn’t worry about cost. Heat is regulated in every room, and turned down in unused bedrooms. 

For at least a decade now, I’ve been con­cerned about the gas pollution on U.S. highways, and our most recent family car purchase, copying that of friends, was a Toyota RAV4 hybrid: gas con­sumption lessened by electric power. We can hope lots of Vineyarders will want either all­ electric or at least partial. Vineyarders often show wisdom. We live in a great place. 

Leigh Smith
Vineyard Haven