Edgartown: Staying cautious yet positive

—MV Times

Happy November. I have to say that I am not a fan of turning our clocks back in the fall and it getting dark earlier for the next several months. But that first day when we’ve changed the clocks back makes me feel extra productive every fall. My internal clock doesn’t match the external clocks, so somehow it feels like I have so much extra time. Is that just me?

Halloween was a pretty different event this year, given COVID concerns. I did have two trick-or-treaters, though apparently I was out at the time. It did seem as though people made their own fun. I saw lots of pictures of families in costume, enjoying the drive-in movies, or special evenings at home or in small gatherings with a friend or two.

So of course, the big news this week is the Presidential Election. By the time you read this, we should, hopefully, know who the winner is. This certainly seems to be the most hotly contested race in my voting lifetime. Hopefully, regardless of who won, we can all manage to reach across the aisle and work together for a more positive future.

Rising COVID cases over the last week or so have been concerning. I’m crossing my fingers that by the time this article comes out, our little Island will be on a downward turn, especially as we start to shift back to in-person learning for all of our students in the coming weeks. We all are encouraged to avoid crowds, wear masks, socially distance, wash hands, and generally be careful. As I write this, Governor Baker has made some changes to things across the state. People now need to wear masks whether inside or outside, regardless of whether they can maintain social distance. He’s also added a nighttime stay-at-home advisory, for people to stay at home between 10 pm and 5 am, with some exceptions. Check out mass.gov for more information.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Annemarie Donahue and Jane Varkonda, who celebrated on Nov. 1, Darren Morris and Dave Garvin, who celebrated on Nov. 2, and our school principal, Dr. Shelley Einbinder, on Nov. 6. And extra special happy birthday wishes go out to my daddy, Bob “Pop” Gardner, who celebrates 92 years on Saturday, Nov. 7. If you happen to see him, be sure to give him a shoutout.

I guess COVID life and fall have finally caught up to me. I didn’t receive any news this week. None. And with the state of things, there isn’t a lot going on right now to share. There are still many virtual happenings, and restaurants are still open and appreciative of our patronage. If you don’t care to sit in a venue, take-out helps them survive too.

So we start to hibernate a bit now. Days getting darker earlier. Temperatures are dropping. There are fewer people around now. It’s time to take a deep breath and let the foot off the gas pedal a bit. Treat each other kindly and respectfully. With the election being done by the time this sees the light of day, I know that our country could be in a bit of a stressful time, regardless of who wins. I still intend to be kind and I hope you will too. Wear your mask. Don’t gather in groups. Socially distance. And let us all remember that, while some can beat COVID without a care in the world, there are many for whom it is truly dangerous. Let’s all take care of each other. Have a good week.

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