Climate Solutions: Make it tight, build it right!

— Megan Amsler

We have 17,500 houses on the Island now. Some that were seasonal are now being used year-round. We have 1,100 nonresidential buildings.

Many of these buildings will still be around in 2050. If we are to meet the goal of 100% Renewable by 2040, we must improve our existing buildings so they use less energy and we need to be sure that any new structures we build are as efficient as possible and use electricity from renewable sources for all energy needs.

Here’s what you can do for your house

Have the Cape Light Compact do an energy audit and a blower door test so you can see where your air leaks are and where more insulation is needed. Take advantage of the Compact’s insulation offers. If you are replacing windows and siding, add insulation to the outside of your house when you do so. These actions will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

If you are a tenant, you can do this too

Your landlord signs off on the improvements and the costs are covered by the Cape Light Compact.

If you are building a new house, spend money on insulating it well and aim for a net-zero carbon structure: an energy efficient, 100% electric house with the electricity coming from renewable sources. This will give you a comfortable and healthy home with low to no energy costs.

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort. Visit