Acts of selfishness


To the Editor:

The steep rise in COVID cases is an act of selfishness, not complacency. For the majority of us, we have barely left our homes or the Island these past nine months. Outings are rare events to take care of all of our errands on one run. We eat at home or outside, we shop when it isn’t busy. We wear our masks in public, we social distance, and we sanitize. Our homes are our workplaces, gyms, restaurants, theaters, and social settings. That hardly sounds complacent.

Yet, there are a few among us who do not accept how their actions affect all of us. There are contractors driving around in full trucks, maskless. There are builders not adhering to the safety protocols they agreed to to reopen. There are groups partying or celebrating, maskless. All these feckless people go home, either on or off the Island, and unwittingly infect others. That is how this virus is again spreading.

It is said that you cannot legislate common sense, nor can you fine it. We must do more. Shut down work sites, pull contractor licenses like we do for a DUI, close businesses that host events. If these individuals think nothing of putting us all at risk, then the only reasonable remedy is to take away their livelihood so they will not forget common sense again.

Michael Bellisimo
West Tisbury