TestMV expands testing days

Action follows busiest testing day and a surge in Island cases.

There were 10 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. - Brian Dowd

TestMV is returning to five-days-a-week testing, amid the Island’s growing COVID-19 surge.

Speaking to The Times by phone Monday, Island Health Care CEO Cynthia Mitchell said beginning Tuesday, the asymptomatic testing site would expand its operations to five days a week, only for individuals who register online through the MyQuest portal.

Online registrants must have health insurance, and must be 18 or older. Those who are under 18 or do not have insurance can use the call center (877-336-9855) to set up an appointment on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Last week, TestMV tested 1,161 individuals in three days. The next highest weekly total was 1,193 tests in six days, between July 27 and August 1. 

TestMV previously offered testing five days a week, but reduced its operating days after Labor Day.

Mitchell said supplies have not been an issue for the testing site.

“We intend to do it as long as there’s a need for it,” Mitchell said of the testing site. “We’ve improved the drive-through flow, and we’re hoping by opening it up another couple of days a week, it will sort of even out the days a little bit.”

Mitchell said the decision to expand back to five days a week was “entirely” due to the surge in cases — 53 percent of the Island’s cases have been reported in the past three weeks. The other 47 percent of cases were reported sporadically since March.