Tisbury: Madeleine Albright memoirs

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: If I were wrong, don’t you think I’d know?

You know that the Vineyard Haven library will have books out in the backyard for you to select new reading. I am taking my time with a memoir that caught my eye, by Madeleine Albright called “Hell and Other Destinations.” She wrote at least two about being secretary of state and another that we should recommend to Joe Biden. The title says it all: “Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America’s Reputation and Leadership.” He’s probably already studied it.

The subtitle of the one I have is “A 21st Century Memoir,” written with Bill Woodward. Every page I’ve read is expansive, entertaining, educational, and fascinating. I never knew she was a Czech refugee. Nor that she was divorced from a man who suddenly announced he was in love with another woman 20 years later. She has always struck me as a person who coped so well with such a wide variety of international situations. I fully admired her, even without knowing much about her. Now I am even more impressed that she did so well in so many ways.

I apologize up front to our library — because I don’t want to rush through this book. I am really enjoying every word as I discover what she made of her world after ending her active role in government in 2001.

You certainly know that our library offers crafts for adults and kids on YouTube, and has bags of stuff to offer for this, especially for teens and kids. All this is on their webpage. They also have Zoom events to keep us entertained.

On Monday, Nov. 23, from 6 to 7 pm, Nancy Star talks about her new book, “Rules for Moving,” on Zoom. In this story, Lane Meckler is an advice columnist who doesn’t know what to do when major problems arise in her family. So she plans to move, which is what her family has always done. She moved to New Jersey from New York and then to Martha’s Vineyard — and it hasn’t fixed anything. She’s now dealing with her mother’s rules for moving. Ask amcdonough@clamsnet.org for meeting access.

Then on Friday, Nov 27, at 6 pm, you can see funny bits of sitcoms from “I Love Lucy” to “Andy Griffith” to “Mash” to “The Big Bang Theory,” all based on Marty Gitlin’s book “The Greatest Sitcoms of All Time.” Marty will challenge you with trivia and tell you about sitcom history. Register for this fun event at bit.ly/35uV13o. I recommend you go to the online version of this column to get this address right.

I am not always happy with Zoom. It was difficult to hear the singer who was sometimes drowned out by the sound of the instruments in a recent musical program. Maybe I’m losing my hearing. Volume control did not help. For the most part, the librarians are always helpful with any Zoom issues, especially Anne McDonough, to whom I am most grateful.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Noreen Flanders, Craig Dripps, Adam Rogers, and Joseph P. Canha tomorrow. Happy birthday to Tracy Matthiessen, Pam Cassel, MJ Munafo, and Marion Burke on Saturday. Lots of birthday wishes go out to Dan Cabot and Alexander Ray on Sunday. Greg Coogan parties on Monday.

Heard on Main Street: Having some states in lockdown and some not is like having a peeing section in the pool.

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