Little house, big flavor

Little House Café offers fresh food, now available for delivery up-Island.


Brook Katzen is a man with a mission to make sure an Island staple keeps on going. Little House Café, founded 10 years ago, continues to be an asset to year-rounders when many other restaurants are closed, especially now with COVID when the pickings are even slimmer than usual. The Island eatery, which has been operating a scaled-down takeout menu since April, is ramping it up back to full-scale, has restarted its popular breakfast, instituted up-Island deliveries at Alley’s, and plans to reopen the newly renovated dining room on a limited basis once the surge has passed and it is safe to do so.

Some of the most popular dinner entrées, Katzen reports, include the Lobster Mac & Cheese, Faroe Island Salmon, Thai Chicken Kebabs, Sirloin Meatballs with Linguine, and Vegetarian Gado Gado Salad. The lineup for breakfast favorites is the breakfast wrap (in a warm pita), which seems to be the favorite, along with the classic egg sandwich on ciabatta, bagel with smoked salmon, and the breakfast BLT.

If you don’t yet see one of your favorite dishes, Katzen assures us, “At this point, we are slowly adding items back to the menu that were removed during the initial restaurant industry shutdown. We are tracking customer requests very closely, and reviving menu items based on direct feedback from our customers.”

When Katzen moved to the Island permanently in March, he had entered into an agreement to purchase Little House Café before the pandemic, when the restaurant was much more profitable than it is today. “This is exactly the type of business that is most vulnerable to the pandemic: a small, locally owned and operated restaurant,” Katzen says. “Now we’re hanging on by a thread, but I moved forward with the acquisition because I believe in the long-term strength of the Island, the neighborhood, and the reputation of this business. This is a business worth saving.”

Katzen says that “the Little House Café has been serving food made with love on Martha’s Vineyard for over a decade.” He said he and the staff are highly motivated by the desires of their customers, and always “strive to provide the highest level of hospitality, comfort, convenience, and value, all year round.”

Order online, over the phone, or at the window. Submit your order by 5:30 pm for up-Island drops that you pick up at Alley’s at 6 pm. Little House Café, 339 State Road, Vineyard Haven; 508-687-9794,