One more plea for symmetrical road


To the Editor:

You could say we are making progress on Beach Road. After all, most of the best trees are saved. It appears that also — though no one tells us — anything — actually including the press — what is going on, but it appears that MV Tile will not lose its parking, from the way the stakes marking the beginning of the shared-use path are placed. 

So we may not have a crippling of commerce, and that is good, and we certainly will have shade trees, and that is fantastic. 

But with the design as it presently stands, we will still have a dangerous intersection created, and no alternate route — not that it would work, the alternate route that is. So it is possible — likely — we will cripple or kill cyclists as a result of the MVC insistence on this plan and refusal to conduct a meaningful — or any — development of regional impact study. 

But we could still build a symmetrical road, sidewalks on both sides. How about it?


Frank Brunelle

Vineyard Haven