Poet’s Corner


The Thrill Will Return
By Fan Ogilvie

If I should die before I wake
Show me the paths I love to take.

When all the COVID has fizzled like
The body of the wicked witch of Oz
There will be the thrill of the planet
And it might be too much to bear:

In Sardinia – a beautiful mural exists –
By the water a young woman
Holds a lamb in her arms
Her head draped in green cloth.

In Africa where baby elephants
Play and bathe in the mud.
In Europe-our ancient ones still waiting
Under and beside La Tour Eiffel.

Alaska Hawaii Montana everywhere
Open and alive. Go greet
Each other as war survivors.
Too much to praise so much to mourn.

Fan Ogilvie has published two books of poems, “You” and “Easinesses Found,”; several chapbooks, including “The Other Side of the Hill” and “In this Place”; and a memoir, “Knot a Life.” She is planning to publish a poetry dialogue between herself and Sappho. She lives in West Tisbury with Robin Motherwell Ogilvie, her Irish Russell terrier, and her husband Donald. She facilitates the Cleaveland House Poets poetry workshop, and reads poems regularly at the M.V. Center for Living.

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