Climate Solutions: Make the switch to heat pump water heating

Ruud Ultra Series 45-Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater — Kate Warner

We all use hot water. One of the easiest ways to decrease your fossil-fuel use is to switch to a hybrid electric water heater. It’s an easy switch because you already have a water heater set up. This is another key tool to our meeting the 100 percent renewable goal.

How do they work? These water heaters use a heat pump to draw their heat from the surrounding air. The hybrid mode uses both the heat pump and an electric resistance heater so that you have plenty of hot water when more is needed.

How to get started

  • You need a space at least 7 by 10 by 10 feet that is at least 50°, and no hotter than 90°. This could be where your current water heater is, or a large closet or laundry room.
  • Once you have picked the spot, call your plumber to give you a price and install it.
  • Ask your plumber what size you should install, and be sure the heater meets the uniform energy factor (UEF). For units larger than 55 gallons, the UEF needs to be 2.7 or higher.

For 55 gallons or fewer, it needs to have a UEF 2.0 or higher.

Find the rebates, and turn it on

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