Common ground


To the Editor:

In my time spent teaching reading to adults, I have found that there are foreign words that are not always common to me. They are so familiar to some that it comes to them as a surprise these words are foreign. I want to share these with you: nom de plume, bonanza, à la carte, à la mode, fait accompli, bona fide, gratis, ad hoc, ex officio, faux pas, prima donna, smorgasbord, denouement, alma mater, auf Wiedersehen, and pro bono.

No, I did not take that foreign language course that was offered. No, I did not assume that you did either. I do know that this short list is a gift to someone, and I hope it is you. With Google at your side, have fun so that we can be on common ground. 

Anne Nevin
West Tisbury