Tisbury: Staying safe in the new year

— MV Times

Heard on Main Street: You understand the 12 Days of Christmas are necessary to allow time for the holiday mail to arrive. That’s why it should really be 12 ‘mailmen’ in the song.

Most in our town seem to be keeping up their spirits even though the numbers of those sick with COVID keep going up, here and across the Island.

I understand the Vineyard Haven library plans to continue holding the open shelves in the back garden on Saturdays, if the weather allows. I really miss browsing the shelves and suddenly being attracted by an unfamiliar name, at least new to me, of an author or a topic.

Though it was a good thing most Islanders stayed home for Thanksgiving, many had guests who seem to have brought even more cases to the Island in the weeks following that holiday. It is a positive sign to see so many lined up to be tested. It is just not fair that you are more contagious before you know you even show symptoms.

Word is that most Islanders also planned to stay home for Christmas. So I guess we will see if that works and what happens in the next few weeks.

I am sorry to hear older teenagers, who should know better, still insisting “I don’t need to wear a mask.” I remember not caring all that much about other people at that age — but this has been going on for over nine months now. We all hope the vaccine will help. But we do need to wear masks and continue to be cautious just a little bit longer. I hope. Remind your kids, and you may save their lives.

So many people are concerned and afraid of the new version of the virus showing up in England. Our experts claim the vaccines should be just as effective against the new one. But it seems to spread more quickly. Take care to do all those things you know have been protecting you so far.

I can’t believe anyone has really enjoyed this past year’s issues. But it would appear that the light is now at least visible at the end of the tunnel. For a while, it just seemed as if we needed to have faith that ‘this too shall pass.’ It is amazing to try to visualize what will be safe — and when.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out tomorrow to a happy and healthy Steve Bernier and to Jeremy Rockman. Saturday belongs to John Chapman and Joan McDonough. Wish the best on Monday to Romeo Bonelli. Roberta Kirnjuly parties on Tuesday. Happy birthday on Wednesday to Taylor Higgins.

Heard on Main Street: Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.

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