When it’s all over

What will local artists, writers, and entertainers do first?


This has been a year to remember in any number of ways, so we thought it would be appropriate to ask those who spend their time entertaining us what they are looking forward to most after the pandemic clears.

Harry Seymour: artist

I’m looking forward to engaging in activities without the threat of exposure that infects me, and then my loved ones, and knowing their activities are no longer threatening. Specifically, I so look forward to normal hugs with my family, and particularly my grandkids, without what I call the “COVID hug.”


Jessica Harris: author and lecturer

Hugging friends and sitting down to a communal meal.


Louisa Gould: artist, photographer, and gallery owner

Being together in person with family and community. Walking toward one another instead of away (making sure I’m wearing a mask). Coming together in person to celebrate life (all its wonder and sorrows). Hugs, kisses, and more hugs and more kisses. Seeing actual smiling faces.


Arnie Reisman: writer, poet, provocateur

I look forward to hugs, kisses, back pats, and to stop knocking elbows. Come to think of it, I’m really looking forward to a deep, sleep-inducing massage, followed by exhalation and rejuvenation.


Elizabeth Eisenhauer: owner, Eisenhauer Gallery

Having a huge celebration with all my friends, family, and patrons, and all the local live music I can recruit!


Jeremy Berlin: musician

I miss the dynamism and connection both among my fellow musicians and between musicians and the audience. The absence of live music, as player and listener, has shown the critical glue and glow that music provides for us all. I surely won’t be taking gigs for granted, and I can’t wait to get together with the band and some happy dancers and get it all going.


Jeremy Driesen: musician and photographer

I’m looking forward to a million little things, like shaking someone’s hand, greeting a friend with a hug, and having a meal in a restaurant. I’m looking forward to playing gigs on drums again, and checking out other players at the Ritz. I’m looking forward to not having to treat my children like they’re radioactive when they come to visit!


Basia Jaworska: artist, writer

I’m hittin’ the road!


Justen Ahren: poet, founder of Noepe Center for Literary Arts

Trans-Siberian Railroad.