Will Land Bank allow access to Lambert’s Cove?


To the Editor:

Congratulations to the M.V. Land Bank on its recent purchases in Tisbury on Tashmoo Neck and in West Tisbury on James Pond. Together with acquisition of the Red Gate Farm property in Aquinnah, the public will be able to enjoy even more of our beautiful coastline. The James Pond property abuts Lambert’s Cove Beach, a West Tisbury town park. The town currently denies public walk-on access to Lambert’s Cove Beach.

Will the town finally allow the public on the beach from the James Pond Property once it opens in 2022? And if the town will allow walk-on access from James Pond, why wouldn’t they allow walk-on access from the current bus stop by the Lambert’s Cove Beach parking lot? And if it’s a good idea to do both of those things in 2022, then it’s a good idea to allow the public to walk on the beach in 2021. If the town won’t allow the public to walk on the beach in 2021, please remove this quote from the town’s recent diversity statement: “This is our commitment and our pledge. To listen, to engage and to be mindful in creating and maintaining a level of service that respects every person.”

End beach apartheid.


Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs