‘What I saw broke my heart’


To the Editor:

An eyewitness said it was mostly peaceful? Good for him. What I saw broke my heart. That gun rights advocate in Nancy Pelosi”s office violating her space. The Confederate flag being proudly displayed to put African Americans in their place and expiate the mortal sin of slavery. The random destruction of our government buildings by the lunatic fringe. The footage of the policeman deliberately being crushed in a doorway. The earlier, pre-invasion video of the Trumps and their cronies, watching from a tent with loud music playing, so pleased and delighted by anticipation of the fruits of their divisive manipulations. What does it take to realize what is going on? Wake up, people, this is fascism in its hideous, life-threatening, hatred-filled, evil glory. 

When I was a teacher, my colleagues and I used to take over a hundred eighth graders to Washington, D.C., every spring. We visited the Capitol building as part of our tour. It was the culmination of a civics unit, the high point of the year. When I thought about that on Wednesday, I thought of the immortal words of Pogo Possum, in a different era: “We have met the enemy and he is us!” He may have been a cartoon character, but he spoke the truth. I was scared then, but I’m terrified now.

Susan Rawson
Oak Bluffs