Edgartown lowers Clevelandtown Road speed limit

Edgartown selectmen made a speed change on Clevelandtown Road.

Edgartown selectmen unanimously voted to lower the speed limit on Clevelandtown Road from 30 mph to 25 mph.

Clevelandtown Road resident George Pimpentel made the request for the speed change for the “safety of residents and the safety for people who are driving on Clevelandtown.”

Edgartown voters adopted the state regulation that Edgartown selectmen could regulate the speed limit to 25 mph on the road.

Pimpentel, an Edgartown resident since the mid-1980s, said the traffic on his road has become unnerving. “Clevelandtown Road has become even more highly congested than it has in prior years, with increased development and increased traffic,” Pimpentel said. “It’s a dangerous situation for family, friends, and for walking our beloved pups.”

Police Chief Bruce McNamee said he met Pimpentel at his house two summers ago, and said it appears that cars go by quickly on the road.

Selectman Michael Donaroma said he did not have an issue with the speed change. Selectman Margaret Serpa agreed.

“If that’ll help, we’ll see what happens,” Donaroma said. 

Pimpentel also requested that town vehicles, landscapers, and contractors could use Meetinghouse Way instead of Clevelandtown Road, since it’s less congested and there’s no sidewalk. Selectman Arthur Smadbeck said directing vehicle traffic was beyond the selectmen’s purview.

In other business, the selectmen approved a two-month closure for the Harbor View Hotel from Jan. 4 to March 3. Smadbeck said the closure is slightly longer than usual due to pandemic.