Good Soles good for the soul


To the Editor: 

The spring of 2020 brought many changes to our Island lifestyle. A virus called COVID-19 was spreading throughout the U.S., and most of the rest of the world. The doctors at the CDC asked that we wear masks and stay six feet apart, and wash our hands, and sanitize them every time we passed a dispenser. We also lost access to the Senior Center, the Center For Living, church, restaurants, movies, the YMCA, etc.

In the beginning, there were skipped chores to do to make the time seem useful. Then the cold weather arrived, and brought a surge of COVID-19 cases. My positive attitude took a big hit.

I have always enjoyed decorating for Christmas. This year I forced myself to decorate an outside tree, but I was not enthusiastic about it.

Saturday, Dec. 19, I decided to visit my sister Tillie Foster in Oak Bluffs. While we were lamenting the surge of the virus, we heard carolers at the front of her house. Outside was a group of beautiful and cheerful ladies singing and offering gift bags of zucchini bread from Morning Glory Farm, a plant from Mahoney’s Nursery, Grey Barn Prufrock cheese, an MV mask from C’est la Vie, and a $50 gift card for Reliable Market.

The ladies are lifelong friends who use biking and hiking as a safe way to exercise and enjoy the safe contact. They call themselves the Good Soles.

The songs and cheery spirits helped us remember why we love the Island so much. First and foremost, it’s the people, next the beautiful landscape, and there is an activity or service that everyone can enjoy.

Sincere thanks to the Good Soles members. You are the best.

Trudy Ulmer