Stuntwoman faces second arraignment 


Hollywood stuntwoman Kim Washington Longino, whose name has appeared as Kym in some records, is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 22 on a charge of driving with a suspended license. Longino was arrested in July on charges of drunken driving and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. She allegedly declined the Breathalyzer, and her license was suspended. She pleaded not guilty to both charges in Edgartown District Court.

On the night of Aug. 25, Tisbury Police Officer Nick Sidoti, who’d been involved with Longino’s previous charges, allegedly observed Longino at the wheel of a Jeep when he was on his way into work on a motorcycle.

“I initially was unable to see who was operating the vehicle,” a report states. “I was, however, able to maneuver my vehicle in a fashion where my headlight illuminated the driver’s area, revealing the operator to be Ms. Longino. I could clearly see Ms. Longino in the driver’s seat operating the vehicle. I made this observation while on Edgartown Road in the area of Winyah Lane.”

The report went on to state that Sidoti could not call in his observations as “quick access to a phone was impractical” on a motorcycle. 

The report indicates Sidoti followed the Jeep until the intersection of State Road, where he turned and headed toward the police station. He subsequently reconfirmed her suspended status, and issued a citation, according to a report. 

Longino’s attorney, Martin Tomassian, attempted to dispose of the citation at a magistrate’s hearing. However, Edgartown District Court Clerk Magistrate Liza Williamson made a finding of probable cause, and Longino’s citation proceeded to court.

On Friday, Tomassian told Judge Benjamin Barnes he plans to file a motion to suppress in the case. Judge Barnes scheduled a hearing for that motion on Feb. 22, to coincide with Longino’s arraignment on the citation. 

Longino didn’t appear physically or virtually at the proceeding.