Tisbury: Peace on Earth

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: Since it’s the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, it seems it may be wiser to sleep late.

I don’t remember if I previously saw a production of “All Creatures Great and Small” before, but I am very happy with the PBS broadcast now showing. If ever there was a year when I’d prefer short episodes of a delightful story, this is it.

What are you doing for distraction? Besides emailing odd bits of humor around to all your friends. Hey, I appreciate those giggles and laughs.

Did you know that some of the members of Congress who were herded together for safety in the Capitol have tested positive for COVID? Several of the members refused the masks that were offered. Is it too much to hope that we can start electing people who at least pretend to think their well-paying jobs should include doing the right thing or at least causing no harm?

Our world has too much drama right now. I generally avoid the news these days, but some things are really hard to miss. We need the holiday message of “Peace on Earth” more now than ever before. I am also tired of TV people shouting as if they needed to sell the papers to those out of earshot. Enough. We don’t need to be so constantly reminded of all that has happened. We know.

Many of us are facing issues and concerns of our own brought on by the pandemic. We are aware that horrible things are happening, over and over. What we need are good ideas on how to ease the tensions and help our world heal from all of this. So, quiet down, and instead consider how you can help.

Turkeys are everywhere — and more than I need in my yard. Yet a few select birds trotted across the Edgartown Road quite regally. After all, they were carefully staying within the lines of the pedestrian walkway at Mt. Aldworth Road as cars backed up in both directions. I had to be impressed by that.

The Louisa Gould Gallery has a new show coming on Feb. 1. To make room in the gallery, the year-end sale continues. The gallery is open from 11 am to 4 pm and also for private viewing. These artists preserve the world for us, and some now featured view the Gay Head Cliffs in new ways. The pleasure of these paintings will do wonders to reassure you that parts of our world are as it should be. The gallery offers curbside pickup or free on-Island delivery. See the website at louisagould.com/gallery/ or call 508 493-7373.

Am I the only one who has problems with AAA assistance? I love their service, except when the people sending help insist on saying I live in Edgartown rather than Vineyard Haven, and consistently diverting the help I am waiting for. UPS often has the same problem, the driver ignoring the written address and dropping stuff at somebody’s house in Edgartown.

I am feeling left out. Friends across the world have told me they already have an appointment for the COVID vaccination. It is said that the first shot usually brings no reaction but that the second can later cause a few hours of symptoms similar to flu. However, it is also said that you can prevent that by taking ibuprofen and Claritin before the shot.

I’d be more likely to want a glass of wine — and I just received a delightful Christmas present from an old friend. She knows me. She sent me a new pillowcase embroidered with a few grapes and three glasses of wine, in three shades of aged wine colors.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out today to Anne Downing at Off Main Street and to Cathy Deese at Cathy’s Coiffures. Happy birthday next Wednesday to Caroline Davey.

Heard on Main Street: Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.

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