Hope with change


Today is the second day of the Biden-Harris administration. There hasn’t been a lot to be hopeful about since the Nov. 3 election, despite the commanding win by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

That’s because Trump never recognized the victory by Biden, and instead spent two months casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election by alleging voter fraud that is unsubstantiated, despite 60 court cases that offered the opportunity to provide proof of the allegations. Things took an awful turn on Jan. 6 when Trump supporters, incited by the former president, attacked the Capitol. Five people died, and dozens more were injured in the chaos.

With more threats of attacks, Wednesday’s inauguration of Biden and Harris looked like it was taking place in a war zone.

Still, there is reason to hope as Biden and Harris take over at the White House. 

The vaccine rollout, while slower than we’d like, is taking place, and Biden is promising more relief for families devastated by financial losses during the pandemic.

Closer to home, students on the Island are returning to classrooms in larger numbers, as a testing program, funded through a private-public partnership, is underway. High school sports teams have started to compete against off-Island schools.

Last week, Adam Epstein met with the Tisbury select board to set dates for Beach Road Weekend. A pipe dream? Perhaps, but it gives us some hope that this summer — so important to the Island economy — will be better than last.

As the old joke goes, we feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming train.


  1. Biden might be the worst 6 day President ever. He killed Keystone, allowed transgender into the military, told us there is nothing one could do about the pandemic trajectory for the next three months, halted border wall funding and promoted a domestic terrorism bill which aims to silence dissenters. We know what ice cream he likes though.

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