Edgartown: Beginner birding

— Shelby Regan

This week’s TV watching, of course, included the inauguration last Wednesday. My students even asked to watch it during lunch. Politics aside, I loved all the colors of the clothing; bright, beautiful, cheery colors of purples, and reds, and yellow. And, at 22, Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, won over pretty much everyone I spoke with. She was amazing to watch and listen to — well spoken, smart, earnest, and bright. She quite possibly stole the show. And I’m waiting patiently to have a dog, or in this case dogs, back in the White House, when Chance and Major Biden arrive. Both German shepherds, one of which is a rescue dog who looks so much like our dog Bella, who we lost this year, melt my little doggy-obsessed heart.

Trustees will host a beginner birding program for adults at Long Point Wildlife Refuge from 1 to 3 pm on Feb. 3, 10, 17 (description below). Preregistration is required at thetrustees.org/events. Cost is $10 for nonmembers; $5 for Trustees members. For questions, contact jsepanara@thetrustees.org or call 508-693-7662.

New to birding? Winter is a great time to learn. Join a Trustees naturalist for this guided program at Long Point Wildlife Refuge. An introduction will cover binocular use, field guides, benefits of birding and helpful hints for identifying birds in the field. Then, explore the refuge’s diverse habitats in search of winter birds. Space is limited to allow for social distancing. Masks are mandatory. This program will be held entirely outdoors; please dress for the weather and bring binoculars and a small notebook. Please note that restroom facilities are currently closed. Directions: use the winter entrance to Long Point Wildlife Refuge via Deep Bottom Road (located on the Edgartown-West Tisbury Road 1.1 miles west of the entrance to the airport). Travel down the dirt road approximately 2.5 miles, following the arrows to the Long Point parking area.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Eric Herman on Jan. 23 and Shannon Donovan on Jan. 24. Even though a lot of things are still closed, there are a lot of virtual offerings. Yoga, pilates, art shows, and church services are available to help make life feel a bit more “normal.” Libraries have a number of offerings as well, and there are many paths and properties owned by Sheriff’s Meadow or the Trustees that are available for walks or hikes. That said, some of the restrictions set down on businesses by the state are being lifted as state COVID numbers go down, you may find other options popping up in the coming weeks.

I am seeing so many posts on social media of people cooking and baking amazing dishes. Is this really a thing? I mean, I cook decent meals and bake once in a while but people are turning out amazing meals all the time. It reminds me of my childhood when my mother made dinner on time every night and baked cakes and cream puffs and other treats. These last things could account for my crazy sweet tooth I suppose. I used to bake a lot when I was younger. It was my favorite thing to do when I was stressed out and I used to be stressed out a lot. That said, between Facebook posts and watching the “Great British Baking Show,” Amelia and I are going to spend our day tomorrow cooking and baking. And then I’m going to try not to eat all the sweet stuff and focus on the healthy stuff. Wish me luck.

Have a fabulous week. Be kind, wear your masks, wash your hands, and remember many people are fighting battles that others can’t see. Kindness and patience matter.

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