Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 25 – 29, 2021



Jan. 25, Salvatore Giordano, trustee of Ox Pond Knoll Nominee Trust, sold 98 Pease’s Point Way North to Gray Line LLC for $3,012,500.

Jan. 25, Bernard Chiu sold 20 Orr Lane to Robert M. McCarron, trustee of 20 Orr Lane Realty Trust, for $9,500,000.

Jan. 25, Bernard Chiu sold 26 Orr Lane to Koray Bulut, trustee of 26 Orr Lane Realty Trust, for $5,500,000.

Jan. 26, Althea L. Morgan sold 27 Pinehurst Road to 27 Pinehurst LLC for $690,000.

Jan. 28, Deborah Brinckerhoff sold 58 North Neck Road to Eric D. Adams and Jill L. Adams for $1,200,000.

Jan. 29, Nadine Larochelle and Stephen G. Tarani sold 300 Chappaquiddick Road to RNKCO Management Co. for $800,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 26, Peter Searle and Jaroslava Searle sold 30 Vineyard Ave. Ext. to Tonya L. Katz and Joshua R. Katz for $880,000.

Jan. 26, ARCUS Investments LP sold 18 Old Harbor Lane to Taneesha Nikia Peoples and Lauren Renee Brown for $889,000.

Jan. 26, John R. Dasilva and Sharon M. Dasilva, trustees of Dasilva Realty Trust, sold 11 Spruce Ave. to David H. Ellison and Kristin L. Ellison for $1,200,000.


Jan. 25, Richard S. Dubin, trustee of Prime Realty Trust, sold 1/3 interest in lot 91 and lot 89, 15 Chapde Lane to Sonja Henning for $1,300,000.

Jan. 26, Samuel G. Kline Jr. and Rebecca A. Kline sold 233 Daggett Ave. to Claudio Dechiara for $835,000.

Jan. 28, Felicity Fairchild Tuttle sold a lot on Main Street to Dudley H. Willis Jr. and Heather Willis for $1,400,000.

Jan. 28, James A. Weisman, Olivia Peters Henry, trustees of 1993 MWT Trust, and Felicity Fairchild Tuttle, individually and as Executor of the Will of Margaret W. Tuttle, sold 1182 Main St. to Isabelle Lew, trustee of 1182 Main Street Nominee Trust, for $1,550,000.

Jan. 28, Thomas H. Sayre, trustee of Wood Chips Circle Realty Trust, sold 26 Woodchips Circle to Peter Searle and Jaroslava Searle for $489,500.

Jan. 29, Philip Evans, trustee of Philip Evans Living Trust, sold 116 William St. to Jeffrey Peters for $1,950,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 29, James Cranston sold 10 Edson Forest Road to Peter A. Bostock and Sara L. Bostock, trustees of the Bostock Family Trust, for $1,295,000.

Jan. 29, Michael J. Sullivan and Lynn McGovern, trustees of Long Point Realty Trust, sold 256 Waldron’s Bottom Road to RS Squared LLC for $1,220,000.