Courthouse reopens with new boiler

The courthouse in Edgartown has reopened with a new boiler. - File photo

The Dukes County Courthouse resumed regular business Tuesday, after a boiler in the building failed earlier this month and shuttered the courthouse.

The boiler was replaced by Fullin and Bettencourt Plumbing and Heating, after it was found “cracked and leaking” and beyond repair.

The county building is leased to the commonwealth, and houses the Dukes County Superior Court, the Edgartown District Court, and the Dukes County Probate and Family Court. The Registry of Deeds is the county’s tenant.

The day after the boiler shut down, the Dukes County Commission and the County Advisory Board approved spending up to $50,000 for a new boiler. The state will reimburse 87 percent of the project cost, with the remaining 13 percent paid by the Registry of Deeds.

Speaking to The Times Tuesday, county manager Martina Thornton said Fullin and Bettencourt had the lowest proposal for the project, at $31,634.

“There was an electrician, I had some contractors there to do some emergency work so the courthouse didn’t freeze, I had the crawlspace insulated, and I had the mini-splits repaired, so there’s going to be four bills that will all be paid from that $50,000,” Thornton said. “But I think that we will be under $40,000 altogether.”


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