Edgartown: Healthy recipes

— Shelby Regan

Hello, Edgartown. We’ve made it halfway through February and boy has it been cold. But we’ve also seen some sunshine and blue skies so that helps. Today, as I write this, it is the kind of cold that hurts anything that’s bare; hands, face, and the rest. I told my homeroom that they can expect to stay in today for recess. I’m amazed at the heartiness of kids who show up in sweatshirts and sneakers with no hats and gloves. I guess I didn’t feel the cold as much as a kid either, but I sure notice it as I get older.

Monday was President’s Day, so many of us had the day off. If you overloaded on chocolate for Valentine’s Day, it was probably nice to have Monday to recover from the sugar. I’m trying to abstain from goodies. In fact, on Sundays when Amelia and I cook and bake, we try out healthy alternatives. Last week I made black bean brownies for the first time. They were excellent. These were vegan. Next time I may use some eggs. I’m told it makes for fudgier brownies. I get a lot of healthier recipes from a website called detoxinista.com. Basically, she has an alternative recipe for just about everything. It’s kind of cool.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Justine DeOliveira and Jonathan Polleys on Feb. 23.

Feb. 19 is the last day of school before February break. Be extra careful when you are out and about next week as there may be more kids around. Drive extra cautiously. If you are traveling over break, have a safe, happy, and healthy trip and don’t forget to book a COVID test for when you return. Optimum time to test is three to seven days after exposure.

I’m not sure if I should send congratulations or condolences to my brother, Bob. He started back to work last week after retiring from Stanley Black and Decker in the spring. I struggle going back to work after two months off in the summer. He had close to eight months off and, surprisingly, he enjoyed it very much, even though he’s a workaholic. I bet his doggies got used to him being around over the last several months and miss him now.

I am sorry to hear of the death of Antone Bettencourt, another one of the “good guys.” He served Edgartown well as fire chief for many years and will be missed. My condolences go out to his family.

Felix Neck is offering activities for kids over February break from 10 am until 2 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 23, through Friday, Feb. 27. You can join them for winter fun and exploration for one day or all four. Suitable for children in grades K to fifth grade. Registration is required; $10 discount when you sign your child up for all four days. Scholarships are available. Email felixneck@massaudubon.org, or call 508-627-4850.

Next week marks the one year anniversary since I broke my foot and then was medflighted to Boston for septic shock. I find myself a little stressed as the anniversary gets closer. I’m thinking I’m going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and stay on my couch for the week, watching scary movies and crime dramas. I am so incredibly grateful for the M.V. Hospital staff who helped me that night, the medflight crew who were so amazing and professional, and the staff at Brigham and Women’s who saved my life that night. I belong to a Facebook page for Septic Shock survivors, as we have a lot of long-term effects from the illness. And when I read other stories I realize just how lucky I was. Cheers to one year! And to never again, please.

Have a great week. Stay warm. Stay vigilant. And stay well.

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