Oak Bluffs: YMCA programs

— Shelby Regan

It is Friday, Feb. 12, and I am writing my column for Feb. 18, early once again, because Monday is a holiday. The Times office will be closed and we have been asked to send in our columns today.

Thanks to the below freezing weather, there are still heaps of snow for dogs and kids from 1 to 70 to play with or sled on. And thanks to the diligence of our hardworking people behind the snow plows, our roads are mostly clear and safe. Please express your appreciation to these tireless workers for their efforts. Around 4 am every morning, I am awakened by the sound of the plows scraping away the snow and ice that has accumulated over the night and then the sounds of the trucks dumping sand and salt to secure our passage. Far from being annoyed by being awoken by the sounds, I am grateful for their faithfulness and hard work to keep us safe.

In spite of the many inconveniences we now suffer from because of masks, social distancing, and lack of material items, we have so much to be grateful for. We send thanks to the EMS and PD personnel, the doctors and nurses, teachers, delivery personnel, and many others who strive to keep our town and Island working. And we have been most fortunate that some Oak Bluffs restaurants have kept open throughout all of this and are still providing us with take-out meals or limited indoor seating. Kudos to the Barn, Sharky’s, and Ocean View.

So let’s hold on to our patience a bit longer, keep wearing masks and keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.

Our Oak Bluffs School utilizes the school/messenger system to deliver text messages to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts, and more. You can participate in this free service by sending a text message of Y or Yes to the school’s short code number, 67587. You can also opt out of this service at any time by replying “stop” to one of the messages. This service is compliant with the School Privacy Pledge so you can be assured your information is safe and will never be sold or given to anyone.

The YMCA in Oak Bluffs has started registration for the spring swimming lessons. Members may start registering on the 15th of March and all others on the 19th. Please call the Y at 508-696-7171 to register or get information about the many classes being offered.

A Youth Open Mic Night will also be held virtually via the Y on Friday, Feb. 26, from 6 to 7:30 pm. If you wish to perform or attend, please call the Y or if you have tech questions contact AndyHerrMusic@outlook.com.

Condolences to the family and friends of Richard Alwardt who passed last week.  Richard leaves many friends and relatives here on the Island. We are so sorry.

Longtime Island resident and well known and talented weaver, Ann Chase died last week. Her craftsmanship was widely admired and many of us were fortunate enough to perhaps have one of her woven placemats or lampshades in our homes. Ann was married for 68 years to her husband Paul. We send condolences to him, their three sons, and family and friends.

Despite the announcement by Partners HealthCare that hospitals in their group would no longer be administering the COVID vaccine, our Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has announced that this policy will not affect them as the Department of Public Health has designated them a rural vaccine delivery site. So please continue to make arrangements to receive this vaccine.

We send birthday smiles to Mike deBettencourt Jr. on Feb. 20, Brenda Lehman on the 21, Kaitlin Marchand and Rita Jeffers on the 22, Melanie Marchand, Kristen MacLean and Paul Buckley Jr. on the 23, and Benjamin Peters and Kaye Mayhew on the 25.

Be grateful, kind, and patient. Peace.

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