Tisbury: Being neighborly

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: If all is not lost, where is it?

Now every time I go on Zoom, I worry that I will look like a cat. Or be upside down like the Senator. Is no one safe from computer issues?

I am glad that President’s Day wasn’t a thing while I was a child. Having a February birthday was hard enough. You see, my mother never wanted to have to deal with snowsuits and boots and wet mittens with other children. I must have been really awful. So when I was very young, she announced that if the Queen could celebrate her birthday in June, so could I. When I was 5, my mother borrowed lots of tricycles the next June from all over town. We had a long driveway, and the old barn used as our garage was empty so we made loud thunder when we pedaled around inside it. That was so much fun; I still remember my delight.

In those days we still celebrated Washington’s Birthday, which was happily only three days before my birthday. Our small town’s school system always closed that whole week. So for my birthday I always got a week off from school to play in the snow with my friends. Where we lived in Northwest Connecticut, we never were short on lots of snow. Somehow I used to think that everyone got a week off from school for a birthday. In fact, I just found out that my granddaughter gets a week off for her birthday this year — in Westborough.

These days snow seems more of a danger so while I enjoy the scene, I’m happier when it melts away. And when we have so many really cold days in a row, I am even more hesitant to go out.

I asked my son if I needed to worry about my car if I did not go anywhere for a week or so, or did I need to start it or something. He said the battery has to work harder to start the car in very cold weather, even in the 20s. So that was a perfect excuse to decide I needed an indoor holiday. As if that were a new thing.

It seems too easy to forget how very fortunate I am to live on this Island. My neighbors, especially one, have been so awfully good to me, doing errands and shopping as well as shoveling and making me safe. I cannot even count how many good friends have helped me, even in this cold and snow. When I thanked someone, he said, “Now I can hope people will be good to me when I need it.”

I don’t think I could count all my blessings. They are simply too numerous to count.

After a somewhat ragged start, the COVID-19 vaccinations seem to be going well, especially here on the Island. I have heard nothing but praise for the work being done at the hospital. Now if only everyone remembers we still need to wear masks and social distance, perhaps we will get through all this. And we can get together to celebrate birthdays again — well, I can hope.

Friends will be sorry to hear that Barb Peckham has just had surgery for a broken hip. Cards wishing her a rapid recovery can be sent to 3525 167th Circle, Apt. 105, Omaha, NE 68116.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to one of my special friends, Carrie Tankard. Happiest of days to Peter Palches on Friday. I will always treasure him for all his visits to my husband during the many times when he was hospitalized, as well as Peter’s friendship and even taking Donald out for lunch or fishing or whatever. Peter is certainly one of the good guys.

Happy birthday to another good friend and jewelry artist Laura Artru, as well as to Tom Robinson and Benjamin Davey on Saturday. I happily send more good wishes to Anne Sylvester and Wendy Brophy on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country.

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