Marks will exit Tisbury School project

Richard Marks, center with yellow tie, is leaving the Tisbury School Building Project and retiring from Daedalus Projects. --Rich Saltzberg

Updated Feb 22

Richard Marks will depart from the Tisbury School Building Project. Marks, who is president of Daedalus Projects and director of the school project’s owner’s project manager team, is retiring, according to Harold Chapdelaine, chair of the Tisbury School Building Committee. Chapdelaine said Marks gave notice over the phone roughly two weeks ago that he would exit at the end of February. That news has been disseminated via email to school building committee members and town administrator Jay Grande, Chapdelaine said. A message left for Marks at Daedalus Projects’ Boston office wasn’t immediately returned Thursday afternoon. Chapdelaine said Christina Opper and Amanda Sawyer, who worked as managers of the project under Marks, will now take the lead.

“It’s not an uncomfortable place for Richard to leave,” Chapdelaine said. “I might have felt differently last September, when we were still working through schematic design.”

The school renovation and addition project is estimated to cost approximately $53 million, though the select board aims to bond up to $55 million. It’s unclear what, if any, impact Marks’ departure will have on the project. 

Updated to correct project estimate information.  –Ed.