Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 15 – 19, 2021



Feb. 16, John Magnuson and Cynthia Magnuson sold 25 Boylston Drive to 25 Boylston Drive LLC for $1,499,000.

Feb. 17, Margaret R. Steele, f/k/a Margaret R. Hufstader, sold 32 Cottage Street to Susan S. Stewart for $2,750,000.

Feb. 17, Mariners Way LLC sold 1 Mariners Landing Unit 3 to Christopher Thomas and Evelyn Thomas for $650,000.

Feb. 18, Kenneth T. Roache and Stephanie W. Roache sold 48 Bennett Way to Clarence Otis, Jr. and Jacqueline L. Bradley for $2,195,000.

Feb. 19, Charles Kleeman sold 25 Teaberry Lane to Margaret R. Steele for $1,260,000.

Feb. 19, Edgartown Lighthouse LLC, Vineyard Oceans LLC, and MTK 69 School Street LLC sold 117 North Water St. to Sean E. Murphy, trustee of 117 North Water Street Nominee Trust, for $9,650,00.

Feb. 19, Mariners Way LLC sold 1 Mariners Landing Unit 2 to Jonathon P. Hitesman Jr. for $640,000.


Feb. 16, John J. Kenworth and Mary Kenworth sold 50 Circuit Ave. to 50 Circuit Avenue LLC for $1,100,000.

Feb. 18, Shanthi LLC sold 33 Menahan St. to Paul E. Murphy and Kimberly Murphy for $845,000.

Feb. 19, Pascal Albanese and Jeanie Hay Sternbach sold 2 Debettencourt Circle to Paul Feuerstadt and Melinda B. Feuerstadt for $1,000,000.

Feb. 1, Catherine Brown Ross, Anne M. Avelino, Co-Personal Representatives of the estate of Barbara Carol Beichek, a/k/a Barbara Beichek, sold 18 Pinewood Lane to Tanesha Claggion and Jamaal Claggion for $777,100.


Feb. 17, David C. Goodwin and Connie L. Goodwin sold 165 State Road to Mark S. Tonnesen, Lynette B. Hodson Tonnesen, and Adjudwi Hodson Grandison for $731,500.

Feb. 19, Seth J. Kalvert and Rachel R. Kalvert sold 14 Hatch Road to Iyah K. Romm and Sylvia V. Romm for $2,580,000.