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Heard on Main Street: We don’t realize how wonderful today is until tomorrow.

In our latest storm, my phone and email connection went down. Fortunately, my son helped and soon the problem was solved. I was surprised when I went to bed that not both of the clocks but only the one by my side of the bed was blinking furiously. The other, on the opposite side, was just fine. That startled me, although all soon was fine. Never had that happen before.

And it reminded me of the time our family left home for a trip and came back to find an electric clock — one that looked like the ones you wind up, but electric — was happily on top of the metal file cabinet, plastic parts all melted and insides whirring madly away. If it had been on the wooden table where it normally lived, probably could have burned down the house.

Until then I thought my husband was seriously overdoing it by turning off the electricity in all parts of the house when we went away, except the kitchen area where our dog lived. Just happened to include the electricity in the den.

It’s that time of year. Are you ready for tax season?

The Vineyard Haven library now has 1040 forms and instruction booklets as well as tax forms and booklets for Massachusetts residents. These are available in the vestibule during pickup hours. You can also call the library at 509-696-4211 and they will put a packet out for you. They also offer to print forms for you, 10 pages, for free. And you can also borrow a copy of J.K. Lasser’s “Your Income Tax 2021,” only for three days at a time. Call the reference librarian Ruth Konigsberg or email rkonigsberg@clamsnet.org.

The library has more for you. Join Linsey Lee on Saturday, March 6, at 4 pm to enjoy the voices, images, and stories of some remarkable Vineyard women. Linsey is the oral history curator of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. She has been conducting oral history interviews with Vineyarders for more than 30 years. Register with amcdonough@clamsnet.org.

You are also invited to sit and knit a bit during weekly afternoon Zoom sessions. Connect with others while working on your knitting, crocheting, or quilting at 3 pm on Fridays. Register with amcdonough@clamsnet.org or call Anne McDonough at the library.

I am getting nervous about going to the YMCA because our governor has now allowed twice as many people in at a time. Most of the time in the past I felt comfortable with the numbers who were there when I was working upstairs. But that is still a concern for me. Wearing two masks doesn’t make me feel safer. But now that I’ve had the vaccination I hope it will help keep me and others safe from COVID.

I am glad I do not have to worry about kids in school. Somehow my kids always got whatever might have been going around in the old days. And it didn’t matter how old they were either.

The Vineyard Transit Authority is offering a free trip to shop at the Island Food Pantry, now located at the P.A. Club. The VTA will get you there and back free of charge. Call 508-693-9440 and press 1 for details.

The Library will also offer a Summer of Art with Elizabeth Whelan beginning Wednesday, April 21, at 11 am. Register with amcdonough@clamsnet.org or call Anne McDonough at the library for the free series of drawing classes.

I miss not being able to walk outside in the really cold weather. I would love for the warmer weather to hurry up. Someone told me the ice was breaking up in Maine and that meant that spring is trying to break through. I don’t think I have ever been so eager to see it come our way.

Years ago we lived in the D.C. area. There you always knew when spring was coming. By early March the sun coming in the windows was warm. Here, it is pretty but not warm at all.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out on Sunday to Evan Kristal. Monday belongs to Michelle O’Donnell. Happy birthday on Tuesday to Kasarah Bruni. Sue Merrill parties on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

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