Climate Solutions: Batteries make us resilient

A battery storage system can act as a backup energy source for the home. — Courtesy

Imagine a Vineyard where we are generating our power from renewable sources, and have enough energy storage to sustain critical loads during prolonged power outages.

Batteries play a big role in that vision, and they can also feed power back to the grid on hot summer days when we are using too much electricity, and Eversource has to run its diesel generators to keep up.

Battery info

  • Lithium-ion batteries are the current technology. They are in our cell phones, laptops, and used for energy storage. There are environmental concerns about the mining of materials for these batteries.
  • Toyota has just announced a “solid-state” battery that will give its electric vehicles much greater range and be less prone to fire than batteries with a liquid or gel electrolyte.
  • Insulating our buildings well and switching to all-electric systems with local solar and batteries to power them will make us resilient to prolonged power failures. Batteries in electric vehicles are also starting to come online as a way to provide power to your house.

Your resilience

Get set up by having that energy assessment done, adding insulation and air sealing, and having a site evaluation for solar and heat pumps. As battery technology improves, you will be ready for the next steps.

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