Real Estate Transactions: March 1 – 5, 2021



March 2, Natalie E. Conroy, trustee of Natalie E. Conroy Revocable Trust of 2020, sold 43 Moshup Trail to Kevin C. Smith and Marcia A. Smith for $2,425,000.


March 1, Iron Bank Development LLC sold 2 Dark Hollow Lane to John Robinson and Jodi Robinson for $2,100,000.

March 1, DCD Group LLC and the DCD Group Cape LLC sold 4 Hye Lane to Ana Paula F. Martins and Ezequiel B. Lacerda for $950,000.

March 2, James S. Pepper sold 5 Nickel Lane to Julian G. Pepper and Jena-Lynn Beaugard for $437,500.

March 5, Owen Norton LLC sold 11 Baylies Way to Stephen A. Muoio and Tina A. Muoio for $450,000.

March 5, Andrea Dubroff, individually and the Dubroff Family LP, sold 16 Witchwood Lane to Scott C. Nicol and Sarah Caledonia for $3,300,000.

Oak Bluffs

March 2, Lyle Steer and Aurelie Steere, f/k/a Aurelie Cordier, sold 56 Bay View Ave. to Ellen B. Kaplan, trustee of Bridge View Realty Trust, for $500,000.

March 5, Patricia Ciciora, trustee of the Patricia Ciciora Living Trust, sold 74 Isaac Ave. to Jacob D. Harness and Kathryn L. Houghton for $705,000.

March 5, Gregory Thornton and Barbara Thornton sold 29 Bayes Hill Road to Joseph Daniel Rubertone Jr. and Brittany Anne Rubertone for $1,350,000.


March 3, S. Fain Hackney and Lawrence Witzer, trustees of 741 Main Street Nominee Trust, sold 741 Main St. to James Louis Ferraro Jr., Alexis Ferraro, and Andrew John Ferraro, trustees of the James Louis Ferraro Family Trust, for $4,475,000.