W.H. terminal employee tests positive

An employee at the Woods Hole terminal tested positive for COVID-19.

A Steamship Authority employee at the Woods Hole terminal tested positive for COVID-19. The ferry line was informed of the test results Tuesday, and is not disclosing the name of the employee for medical privacy reasons. 

“The terminal employee last worked a full shift in Woods Hole on Friday, March 26, 2021,” a press release states. “The employee reported to work on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, and passed the mandatory health screening questionnaire given to all shoreside employees prior to their shift. However, the employee subsequently felt ill, immediately left work, and received a rapid test for COVID-19.”

Other employees who may have worked in close contact with the infected employee have been notified, according to a release. Those employees won’t be allowed to return to work unless they receive a negative test result or a medical professional clears them for duty. 

“Due to their typical work duties, the terminal employee was unlikely to have any prolonged exposure with the public during their work hours,” a release states.

The SSA doesn’t anticipate any changes or interruptions in service due to the infected employee. 

The SSA continues to engage in nightly sanitation with “hospital-grade disinfectants” on all ferries and at all terminals, according to the release.