Oak Bluffs: Neighborhood clean-up

— Shelby Regan

Do I dare say that I think we have seen the last of snow until next winter? More sun to warm our hearts and ourselves and also at last, some rain Sunday. Now I dare sleep with the window open and am lulled to sleep by the star-twinkling sound of the wind chimes. Seeds have been started in the sunroom, which makes a perfect greenhouse and keeps the birds from feasting on our future plants. It’s yard cleanups everywhere and many surprises are found under the piles of leaves. Some are the early spring bulbs mixed in with frisbees, tennis balls, and Chance the dog’s favorite bones. The birds visit daily and we are visited daily by the very bright red cardinals and numerous woodpeckers and my favorite, bouncing chickadees.

According to the news there were 25 new cases of COVID last week, so we still must wear masks, socially distance, wash our hands, and take appropriate precautions.  Schools are reopening for students and we do not want to jeopardize that happening.  Please stay safe and send thanks and appreciations to all those on the frontlines.

Last week I asked the question in my column if anyone knew where all the snakes St. Patrick drove out of Ireland went. My friend Sarah Shepard Googled the question and was told there never were any snakes in Ireland. Perhaps St. Patrick was referring to two-legged snakes?

Although there is not much news, I have some happy and uplifting news for you. Matt Rivers has been a dad to Michael James Dickson since Mike was around 2 years old. Now Mike is almost 12, and a week ago, Matt, his wife Melanie, who is Mike’s mother, and Mike himself went to the courthouse in Edgartown and appeared before the judge to make it official. So Michael is now known as Michael James Rivers. All of Mike’s large family, both Dicksons, Amarals, Alleys, and Rivers and their partners and his 16-month-old brother William are elated that this wonderful loving boy is officially a part of their families. In full disclosure, I must tell you that I am a proud official great-grandmother of Mike. And now this loving family awaits the birth of a daughter this coming June.

Our library is still busy with many programs to keep you active during these isolating times. As always, please call them at 508-693-9433 to get complete details on the following programs as some are Zoom or virtual meetings.

April 3, from 10 am to 1 pm, you are invited to Spring Clean Up and Goodie Bag, where families are encouraged to take a walk through their neighborhood and collect some trash. Afterwards, head over to the library to exchange your trash bag for a spring goodie bag. The Go Back in Time Book Talk takes place on April 6 from 6 to 7 pm. Join Jonathan to discuss the beautiful and sad story of Pino Lella, a young man in World War II Italy, in the novel based upon the true story “Beneath the Scarlet Sky,” with the GBIT book club. Another favorite, Curbside Crafts, will happen again on April 7 from noon to 4 pm. A variety of programs for all.

Just a reminder about the League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard and MVTV candidate forum for Oak Bluffs via Zoom on April 8 at 7 pm. You may submit questions you would like to ask the candidates to dmedders@vineyard.net. This might be an appropriate time to ask the candidates their reasons for proposing some parking on Circuit Ave. be changed to parallel, which will result in the loss of 12 spaces. If you think this is an unwise decision, Reliable Market has a petition in the store you might want to consider signing.

We send birthday smiles to Richard D. Combra on April 2, my great-grandson Nicholas David Rivers on the 3rd, Heather Holt on April 4, Sandy Ferreira on April 6, David Tchorz and David Hill on April 7, and Ben Hall III on April 8.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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