The Queen of Dairy opens its doors


It’s a day that rivals the Fourth of July, opening day at the Agricultural Fair, and the start of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby.

Dairy Queen in Edgartown opened its doors Thursday to a steady stream of sweet-toothed connoisseurs.

Manager Max Celeste said not much was different from last year, aside from new Dilly Bar packaging and new Blizzard flavors like Frosted Animal Cookie. While he opened later than usual, Celeste said it was all about making sure employees and customers would be safe amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I probably eat the most soft-serve on the Island,” Celeste said. “It’s good to be open.”

Celeste said the first sale of the day was two teenage girls who had put their own money together to buy an ice cream cake.

Corinna Brescia was with her daughter Rosalee Brescia and her friend Clementine deForest. For Rosalee it was a cherry-dipped cone, and for Clementine it was a creamsicle.

Eileen Moriarty was with her sons Jack and Robbie. Moriarty got a Thin Mint Blizzard, while Jack got a chocolate ice cream chocolate-dipped cone, and Robbie got his favorite, “white ice cream.”

“Summer has begun,” Moriarty said.