Stop the use of glyphosates


To the Editor:

This letter was originally sent to Eversource vegetation management. 

I am writing to respond to the period of public comment regarding Eversource’s plan for vegetation management in Tisbury.

I strongly urge you not to use glyphosates on vegetation. The state of California lists glyphosates as a carcinogen. The World Health Organization lists it as a “probable” carcinogen. The journal Science Direct says the risk for someone exposed to glyphosate herbicide (GBH) to contract non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is increased by at least 41 percent, and “studies suggest a compelling link between exposures of GBH and NHL” (Science Direct, v. 781, July-Sept. 2019, 186-206).

I recently had a friend, a successful dermatologist, die of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He was 68. He had five children and three grandchildren. He leaves behind a wife who has multiple sclerosis. The family believes he may have contracted NHL when he worked with herbicides on his family’s farm as a youth. Sixty-eight is obviously too young to die.

Recent court cases have awarded $10.9 billion to plaintiffs who have suffered from exposure to glyphosates.

You should know that in past applications of herbicides on Martha’s Vineyard, workers were seen applying the herbicide without masks or protective headgear.

The use of glyphosates by Eversource is not only a potential hazard to humans, wildlife, and shellfish, it is also a stain on Eversource’s reputation as an environmentally friendly company, and it opens the company up to potentially damaging lawsuits.


Stephen Power