Civics course is an exciting addition


To the Editor:

Kudos to the MVRHS Social Studies Department for requiring a civics course for all seniors. 

Most important, our students will learn both the structure of our government and the current events in the practice of that government. This will build nicely on the U.S. history that they have studied prior to being seniors. How timely and significant for such a class. I’m sure that you will draw upon guest speakers primarily from the community who will work with our students, and hopefully spur them on to serve or intern (perhaps for a credit) on a town committee, even for a specific number of weeks. Shadowing a selectman for a day or the shellfish constable or a planning board member; attending a board of health meeting or a school board meeting will add to their firsthand knowledge of local government in action. Continuing to

learn about voting across the nation and the current actions to limit that voting will be key in the application of their learning. Creative assignments, many as teams, that do not take too much time but definitely connect with their learning. The course is not to burden with additional or unnecessary assignments, but vital, ongoing tasks oftentimes created by the students themselves to investigate and proceed with government in action.

As a citizen and as a former MVRHS social studies teacher, I am so excited, happy, and thankful to see this course being required for all students. It will be a lot of work for the teachers to have this course evolve but what exciting, challenging, and important work it is!

Again, kudos, and thank you to the Social Studies Department.

Marge Harris
Oak Bluffs