A different take on driver’s licenses


To the Editor:

The March 27 letter to the editor in support of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens gives a revealing look into the mindset of open borders advocates. While most Americans are expected to obey the law and dutifully pay their taxes, illegal immigration advocates have discovered a category of people (11 to 20 million in all) who should be allowed to disobey our laws. The letter tells us that not only are there millions of people in the country illegally and receiving social benefits, but they are also driving without licenses or insurance.

Rather than trying to prevent this lawlessness from worsening, the proposed remedy is to reward it with a government-approved document and invite more to come. And just in case you haven’t noticed, there are hundreds of thousands at our borders seeking to do just that.

Besides being an affront to the rule of law, Illegal immigration is bad for the economic well-being and physical safety of our citizens. It is bad for taxpayers, and particularly bad for low-paid Americans who need protection from employers who want to hire unauthorized foreign workers at substandard wages and working conditions. Moreover, judging by the experiences of other states, the bill is unlikely to lead to safer roads.

But two things are certain:

  • By rewarding illegal behavior, the legislature would be incentivizing even more illegal immigration to Massachusetts; and
  • This bill would facilitate document fraud and identity theft (e.g., false or stolen Social Security numbers and documents), undermining the decades-long effort to combat crime and terrorism with a national system of secure identification.


No legislator who believes in securing America’s borders and improving the lives of its citizens should ever consider voting for this bill.


John Thompson

Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform (MCIR)