Climate Solutions: Taking care of ourselves and our species

Wind farm in the Irish Sea. — Andy Dingley

In our state, wind and solar are our greatest resources.

What does solar do for us?

  • Even though Massachusetts is not the sunniest, we are getting 7 percent of our power from the sun. We are fifth in the nation, and have installed 111,000 projects to date.
  • Solar’s greatest contribution to our climate crisis is the local resilience it can provide. When batteries are added, electricity for critical loads will be available — even in prolonged power failures.

Wind is our greatest resource

  • The offshore Vineyard Wind project, at 800 megawatts, will provide as much power as all our state’s current solar arrays. The just-signed Massachusetts Climate Law calls for increased procurement, for a total of 5,600 megawatts of wind power.

Solar is the way we will buffer ourselves from the local impacts of climate change. Wind is one of the ways we will help with the survival of our species — by reducing the carbon dioxide and methane that we release into the atmosphere.

What can you do?

Still sitting on the fence about solar? Now is the time to take action and have a site evaluation done.

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