Pump hose doubles; spill not fuel


Updated 3:25 pm 

A second pump hose is dumping filtered water into Vineyard Haven Harbor. Water has infiltrated the hole at the Citgo job site on Beach Road with enough volume and enough speed to warrant an additional pump hose, select board chair Jim Rogers told The Times Thursday. Rogers said he and DPW director Kirk Metell met with the project contractor late last week, and authorized the additional hose to run under the ramp after the contractor requested it. Rogers said some new sidewalk ramps were installed too.

The spill that appeared on Beach Road Wednesday and stretched from the ramp at Five Corners up past Vineyard Scripts was coolant from a VTA bus. 

“A bracket for the coolant pipe for the transmission hit and/or got caught on the yellow ramp, got damaged and the coolant leaked out,” VTA administrator Angie Gompert emailed. 

In a voicemail to The Times, local Massachusetts Department of Transportation supervisor Stacy Zanni confirmed the substance was coolant from a VTA bus.

Updated to include details from Gombert. — Ed.