MVC begins brainstorming for Climate Week

An electric vehicle parade is planned as part of the Island's Climate Week activities.

The education committee of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission’s Climate Action Task Force recently announced it will be organizing Climate Week, a weeklong community event in November, to celebrate the Island’s commitment to climate action and resilience. At two brainstorming sessions last Wednesday, MVC climate change planner Liz Durkee spoke with community members and leaders to begin planning the event. 

“We really want to encourage people to learn about the issues that we’re facing, and understand that it’s a community-wide challenge,” said Durkee. “We all have to do our part if we want to have a sustainable Island to live on.”

The theme of Climate Week is “A Climate to Thrive: Heading to the Year 2040 on MV.” The MVC selected this theme for two complementary initiatives: the 100 percent renewable M.V. by 2040 initiative, an article passed by two Island towns and officially adopted by Dukes County and the MVC, and the 20-year Dukes County Climate Action Plan, which will reduce the Island’s vulnerability to climate impacts. 

“While we set these goals, it is important to have moments such as this to envision how we get there,” wrote the MVC’s Climate Action Task Force education committee in an email.

Climate Week is still in the initial planning stages, and the MVC hopes it will be largely community-organized. While the MVC has planned some major events, such as an electric vehicle parade sponsored and organized by Vineyard Power, individual businesses, organizations, and associations are encouraged to organize an activity or event. 

To get involved in Climate Week, contact Liz Durkee at