We’re ready


To the Editor:
On Sunday, June 13, Tisbury voters will gather for a special town meeting on the school. The parent members of the Tisbury PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) would like to join the Tisbury select board, Tisbury school committee, and Tisbury finance committee with

wholehearted support for the Tisbury School renovation and addition project.

As parents, we understand the value of education for our children. It creates the foundation for their development, and provides a strong base for lifelong learning. At the Tisbury School, our children are being nurtured today to become adult citizens of tomorrow. Their growth is dependent on the quality of their education and their school.

We have been fortunate that the Tisbury School has always excelled, due in large part to our exemplary, dedicated staff. Our community deserves a building that equals the quality of our staff — with equitable access, sufficient educational spaces, a safe and healthy environment, and effective technology.

We’re ready!

We’re ready to be able to send our children to school with confidence in the environmental safety of the school building.

We’re ready for our educators to focus on our children and their education.

We’re ready for our school building to be brought into building code and ADA compliance.

We’re ready for our school building to reflect our values as a Green Community, and be a net-zero-energy building.

We’re ready for a school facility that will ensure our community has a vibrant, central hub that will serve the needs of our children and our community for generations to come.

Please vote yes for the Tisbury School renovation and addition project.

Together, let’s move forward — the time has come!

For more information on the school project, visit tisbury-school-project.com. And don’t forget to register to vote: Visit tisburyma.gov/town-clerk/faq/how-do-i-vote-tisbury.


Siobhán Mullin

On behalf of the Tisbury School PTO