Real Estate Transactions: April 26 – 30, 2021



April 28, Maio Biagioli and Kristine Ravetto sold 8 Sand Castle Way to Matthew Silver and Sarah Bresolin Silver for $1,195,000.

April 29, Rachel H. Paxton sold 3 and 5 Beech Tree Lane to Robin Imbrogno for $1,805,000.


April 28, Melinda R. Defeo and Cindy Lou Rabbitt sold 21 Tea Lane to Gary L. Gerstle and Elizabeth Lunbeck for $947,000.

April 29, Summer Place LLC sold 15 Lake Road to Shari A. Levitan, trustee of 15 Lake Road Nominee Trust, for $3,000,000.

April 29, Richard H. Solomon, trustee of Solomon Nominee Trust, sold 4 Cedar Lane and 32 Stonewall Road to Clearwater Realty Holdings LLC for $2,301,000.


April 26, Robert M. Hagerty and Grace A. Hagerty, f.k.a. Grace A. Bociccio, sold 16 Chapman Lane to Bamboo Compound LLC for $950,000.

April 27, Ernest A. Boch Jr., a.k.a. Ernest A. Boch Trustee of Boch Katama Nominee Trust, sold 243 Katama Road to Pauline C. Musto, trustee of Pauline C. Musto Revocable Trust, for $6,000,000.

April 27, Paula J. Reynolds, trustee of Rota Irrevocable Trust, sold 90 Martha’s Road to Gary Daula MV Acquisitions LLC for $1,057,500.

April 27, Thomas G. Park, trustee of 1976 Nominee Trust, sold 75 North Neck Road to Ann M. Parker, trustee of Ann M. Parker Declaration of Trust, Lanning MacFarland III, trustee of Lanning MacFarland III Declaration of Trust, and Brewster J. MacFarland, trustee of Brewster J. MacFarland Declaration of Trust, for $3,400,000.

April 28, E. Burke Ross Jr., trustee of the E. Burke Ross Jr. Trust, sold 2 Jacobs Neck Road to William R. Craven and Pamela F. Craven for $1,400,000.

April 29, Lynda H. Cryer sold Unit 1, 50 High St. to Jan Zelenka and Katie Zelenka for $240,000.

April 29, Michael W. Fuller, Personal Representative of the Estate of Shirley Ann Fuller, Michael W. Fuller, a.k.a. Michael Walker Fuller individually, Anne Fuller, f.k.a., Ann Fuller Chircop individually and Joseph J. Fuller, a/k/a Joseph Jason Fuller individually, sold 33 Bankers Way to Arch Building & Home Development LLC for $1,350,000.

April 30, Stephen Joseph Guittar, trustee of Lee Guittar Revocable Trust and Lee Guittar Trust sold 93 Edgartown Bay Road to Two Wheeler Holding LLC for $6,290,000.

Oak Bluffs

April 29, Irvin R. Heath and Lynn A. Heath sold 53 Eastville Ave. to Karen L. Heath-Wade for $515,000.

April 30, Brian T. Welch and Lorna Welch sold 18 Firehouse Lane to Anthony Leone for $975,000.

April 30, Francis H. Brunelle, trustee of Brunelle Family Trust, sold Unit 1, 37 Circuit Ave. to Bennett Lee LLC for $1,060,000.

April 30, Thomas M. Doyle and Karen Jackson-Doyle sold 6 Laurel Ave. to Francine Marie Marranca and Susan Marie Balboni for $799,000.

April 30, Susan Smyth and Peter B. Smyth, trustees of the Lois S. Smyth Five (5) Year Massachusetts Grantor Income Trust, sold 246 Newton Ave. to Deena Moss, Andra Minio, Aerie Webb, and Tara Webb Duey for $1,861,000.


April 26, Source Real Estate LLC sold 34 Dunham Ave. to Linda V. Bradley and Donna Bradley for $1,389,000.

April 29, Mule Capital LLC sold 101 Midland Ave. to Joseph Ferrane and David Ferrane for $500,000.

April 30, Edwin J. Terrelonge and Marsha L. Terrelonge sold 24 Circuit Ave. to Mary Ibsen for $738,870.

April 30, Rachel Cohan Albert sold Lot 3, Holly Tree Lane to Frederick Kanter and Lois Kanter for $600,000.

West Tisbury

April 26, Jason Gale sold 154 Longview Rd. to Sachem Longview LLC for $655,000.

April 28, Michael Cerrone, Personal Representative of the Estate of Robert Anthony Pacl Jr., sold 21 Atwood Lane to Wagner Pereira and Laurie Pereira for $725,000.

April 28, Gerald L. Deblois, individually, and William A. Lowell, trustee of Homer Watcha Trust, sold 111 Little Homers Pond Road to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of 3a West Tisbury Realty Trust, for $8,550,000.

April 28, Gerald L. Deblois, individually, and William A. Lowell, trustee of Homer Watcha Trust, sold 80 Little Homers Pond Road to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of 3b West Tisbury Realty Trust, for $8,550,000.

April 30, Gerald L. Deblois, individually, and William A. Lowell, trustee of Home Watcha Trust sold 85 Little Homers Pond Road to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of 85 Little Homers Pond Trust, for $4,900,000.

April 30, David A. McElheny and Henrietta F. McElheny sold 17 Old Coach Road to Amy Lyon and Jonathan C. Smylie for $1,270,000.