Moe to perform at Beach Road ‘350’

Legendary jam band moe.

Beach Road Weekend “350” has added another piece to its July 23-25 performances. The legendary jam band moe. will be kicking off the festival on July 23, while the Grammy-winning Tedeschi Trucks Band will perform on July 24 and 25. The performances will happen in Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven. 

“We were blown away by the response after we announced the festival would be returning this year,” promoter Adam Epstein said in a press release. “We have seen that people are ready to celebrate live music once again, and we can’t wait to safely welcome everyone back to Martha’s Vineyard for three incredible nights of music.”

Beach Road Weekend “350” is produced by the Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series, with support from Innovation Arts & Entertainment. All profits from the event will go toward supporting the Friends of the M.V. Concert Series. 

Tickets for moe. and Tedeschi Trucks Fireside Live go on sale this Friday, May 21. Tickets are expected to sell fast, with the July 24 show having sold out in 24 hours. Tickets will be sold on, where fans can also get early access to tickets by signing up for the Beach Road Weekend Insider Club.


  1. I hope they dont leave the park in the same condition they left it two year ago. Last time this concert happened, it was smack dab in the middle of our local adult islanders rec sports seasons and were left with fields that were torn apart and grass that was killed. The park was left in unsafe conditions as many athletes were spraining ankles in the holes left in the ground. The park is a haven for us locals in the Summer. An opportunity to be outside with friends and be competitive in a safe setting. This was taken from us. The power of the almighty dollar.

    • Mike– “Many athletes” were spraining their ankles ?
      How many ? Do you mean “many” like trump uses the word when he is claiming “many people” support him or believe his daily lie ?
      If there were even 3 or 4 more sprained ankles than usual (which is not “many” ) in the weeks after the concert, caused by conditions that the concert promoters were responsible for , I think we would have heard about it. I wonder where you heard it ?
      Did you personally witness anyone spraining an ankle ?
      Perhaps this year someone from the board of health or some other town officials should inspect the field and fix anything that seems dangerous.
      Thanks for pointing this out to us….

  2. How does a complaint about a poorly treated sports field turn into yet another Trump rant? Didn’t TDS stop becoming a thing once he left office? Or do we now have PTDS as an issue?

    • val– Let me be honest– I think that the story about “many athletes” spraining their ankles may be misrepresented. You know, like an “alternative fact”. Since I am keenly aware that trump stated about 15 thousand verifiable lies during his regime. “Many” of them claiming that there are “many” such and suches happening, or “many people” are saying….
      Many people are saying that TDS was just made up. You know, like Covid.
      But if it is a real thing, I still have it. As long as about 70 % of republicans are convinced that the election was stolen, and trump hisself is still pedaling that big lie, we still have to be cautious. We are still talking about covid after the election also. It was “guaranteed” by many right wing pundits and politicians that we would not hear a word about covid after the election…. Remember that ?
      One of Superman’s catch phrases was “truth, justice and the American way”.

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