St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church to remember George Floyd


On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church will host a gathering at 8 pm in the Tabernacle on Tuesday. According to a graphic made by the church, the gathering is being held “to pray, remember this day and honor the memory of Floyd as an individual, and as one of the many people of color who died because of systemic racism.” 

In an email, Rev. Vincent “Chip” Seadale said this event came about as a result of many people asking “what can I do?” 

“I cannot think of one thing in my life that has been more at the center of what it is I’ve most hoped to change than our feelings, and our relationships, to our brothers and sisters who don’t ‘look like us,’” Seadale wrote in the email. “For me, the life of George Floyd continues to change all that. For the better.” 

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church asks attendees to wear a mask and bring a candle.


      • You missed my point as when was the last time we did something like this for the Police of this country. I have not seen one on the Island yet.

    • Our entire culture is drenched in unquestioned worship of law enforcement. Not sure why that would be needed

  1. To honor someone who was the subject of police misconduct is one thing, but to hold it up as an example of systemic racism is quite another.

  2. Denying the existence and consequences of systemic racism is like denying your nose. Denying that that the humanity of George Floyd should be honored, after his horrendous, slow, torturous murder that we all watched, is like denying any honor after death to all our (white) islanders with drug and alcohol police records, should they have been tortured and murdered by police for, say, writing a bad check.

    Also, I honestly thought we’d moved passed the “blue lives matter” irrelevent and diminishing deflecting remarks every time someone, in this case, a church, reminds us that Black lives do indeed matter. Bob, do you answer “Awareness for Brain Cancer” articles by saying diabetes awareness is important, too?

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