Tisbury exits COVID red status

No other Massachusetts municipality is deemed higher risk for COVID spread.

The state DPH map shows no towns are in the red.

Tisbury is no longer considered high risk for COVID-19 in the state Department of Public Health’s latest town-by-town map.

Thursday’s map was the first time since it was created in August that it had no communities in the “red” or highest risk for spread category.

Tisbury was the lone red town last week due to having 30 cases in a two week period and a positivity rate of 6.86 percent. Now, Tisbury has reported 18 cases in the past two weeks with a 4.43 percent positivity rate.

With Tisbury’s population just over 4,000, the number of cases needed to designate it as highest risk is 25. The state’s seven-day average of percent positivity is 0.62 percent. Towns with less than 10,000 residents are considered the highest risk for COVID-19 transmission if they have had more than 25 cases.

The three down-Island towns are now in the yellow category. Oak Bluffs’ positivity rate rose two points to 10.59 percent, reporting 22 cases over the past two weeks. Edgartown is second, with a 6.32 percent positivity rate. West Tisbury with 5.71 percent. Chilmark reported a 1.56 percent and Aquinnah reported 0 percent.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital chief nurse and chief operating officer, Claire Seguin told reporters Wednesday that Tisbury’s former status as the only highest risk town could be due to the Island’s high number of tests, thorough contact tracing, and people living in close quarters.

Barring a large spike in confirmed cases, the Island is set to have one of its lowest weekly totals of confirmed cases in months. Tisbury health agent and boards of health spokesperson Maura Valley reported that only three new COVID cases have been reported since Saturday.

The Island reported its lowest weekly totals in the first two weeks of March, with each week having seven cases. Cases rose dramatically in the beginning of April to 101 cases and were on a general decline before rising to 55 the week of May 16. Only 26 cases were reported last week.



  1. Good news! (I think you meant the 3 down-island towns are in the yellow zone.)

  2. We may have exited Red Status, but we can still have pride at being top of the list for having the most buried septage hauling trucks anywhere in the Commonwealth!

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